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"Valencia" Five Burner Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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"Valencia" 5 burner ethanol fireplaceDescription.

Create a serene and spellbinding décor with this "Valencia" Collection Bio-Ethanol Fireplace. This unit has five ethanol burners that will...
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"Valencia" 5 burner ethanol fireplace


Create a serene and spellbinding décor with this "Valencia" Collection Bio-Ethanol Fireplace. This unit has five ethanol burners that will create the perfect flame to warm and enhance any space. Its adjustable heat warms up your surroundings while a realistic looking flame adjusts to fit your mood. This ethanol burner can be hung anywhere – living room, bedroom, family room, and dining room alike.

The unique selling point of the Bio ethanol fireplace is that it is different from electric and gas fireplace available in the market. It has got real flame and the best part is flame adds beauty to your living room. You can enjoy the coffee in this elegant and romantic ambiance. Plus, our fireplace is fabricated to get highest quality and it comes from CE approved factory, so it is safe as well.

Bio ethanol fireplace is that type of fireplace which encompasses combined zones-generation of the technological as well as heat processes. Such type of fireplaces don’t need chimney as well as provide real flame. It can be easily installed in any place of your home. This bio fireplace includes five 1.5 L stainless steel burner which can be adjusted. It can burn up to 4 hours continuously. So, you sit back and relax in the comfort of fireplace. The duration of burning depends on how fully open you have the opening of the steel burner box. You can easily fill the burner with bio-ethanol as and when required.

So, we are offering the best bio ethanol fireplace and our fireplace are worth enough to meet demands of our clients.

Our Bio ethanol fireplaces come with the following attractive and unique features


Our Bio ethanol fireplaces is fabricated the best high quality materials available and are manufactured by CE approved supplier


Our Bio ethanol fireplace comes with adjustable stainless steel burner which has a double layer for robustness and protection our bio ethanol fireplaces are stainless steel fireplace that offers genuine flame and can be adjusted in order to enhance home décor. The flame also generates warm atmosphere.


Bio ethanol is liquid fuel derived from renewable raw material such as sugarcane, potatoes and wheat. It is clean-burning and produces no smoke or ash. No harmful emissions are released and the only by-products are water vapour and as little carbon dioxide as we exhale. Bio ethanol is known by many different names; it is most commonly known as mentholated spirits or denatured ethanol. They are available from our local resellers or most major hardware stores, supermarkets and petrol stations.


Our Bio ethanol fireplace adds all the charisma of a traditional and outdated fireplace without any hassle and highly expensive construction and gives a new look and style to your home. The Installation only takes few minutes. Chimney, ventilation, flue and electrical connection aren’t required, even then delivers the firelight you wish to have. The tools that are required during the wall mount installation are included with the package. This package comes with the ready to assemble fireplace and brackets, so you can easily mount it on a non-flammable wall like a flat TV, or place in the wall cavity depending on your requirements. Please be advised this fireplace needs to be installed on a fireproof wall.


Our Bio ethanol fireplaces don’t emit dangerous flames during the period of burning. That is the main reason that it doesn’t require chimney for venting out any smoke.


It produces clean flame and provides many other benefits. An individual will not get ashes like remaining liquid-vaporizer. Also, you will not get any soot on your wall.


Traditional stove needs an individual to chop wood. But this fireplace cuts out on your efforts. Simply fuel your burner with bio ethanol, and then light your fire with a lighter for an instant and beautiful flame. Each fireplace comes with an extinguishing tool which is used to cover the burner and put out the fire. No utility connections or any other power sources are required. Before operating your new fireplace, please be sure to read the terms and conditions of use thoroughly. Always take extra care with flammable products and use them responsibly. modaliving will not take any responsibility for damage, loss, injury or accidental death arising from incorrect or irresponsible use of this product.


There are also many other reasons to use bio ethanol fireplace. It is quite comfortable and capable of ensuring ease and comfort for a home. Our bio ethanol fireplaces ensure warm atmosphere, no doubt about it. They are also quite popular for many other unique features such as Eco- Friendly and adjustable flames. Flame encounter offers an environmentally friendly attractive alternative to the conventional fireplace with stylish contemporary designs that can be enjoyed in any room using bio ethanol as its only fuel source.



  • Material: Tempered Glass, Stainless Steel Frame;
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Burner Box: 5 X Double Layered Adjustable Burner Box
  • No. Of Burners: 5 X 1.5L Capacity
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Use
  • Assembly: Basic Assembly & Installation Required
  • Adjustable Flame: Yes
  • Fuel: Methylated Spirits Or Gel Alcohol
  • Certification: ISO9001:2000 Certified Supplier
  • Approximate BTU Output: 6000 Per Burner (Total BTU - 30000)
  • Approximate Burn Time: 2-5 Hours Per Burner Per Refill.


  • Bio Ethanol Fireplace
  • Instruction Manual
  • Stainless Steel Burner Box
  • Stainless Steel Adjusting Rod
  • Protective Glass Shield
  • Mounting Bracket


  • Product - 180(L) X 54cm(H) X 15cm(D)
  • Packaging - 188cm(L) X 62cm(H) X 21cm(D)
  • Weight: N.W. 33KG / G.W. 39KG


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